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Nine Star Designs is a custom area rug company based out of Sudbury, Ontario. Designed and crafted by Andy Blanchette,
Nine Star is a full service custom design area rug company created to offer unique service to fulfill your area rug needs. Area rugs of any size, shape, colour and design can be created to your own personal specifications offering you
a one of a kind product.

Even if you only have a vague idea of what you are looking for,
Andy can help you design a unique area rug. Custom rugs can be inspired by special interests, design themes or simply your imagination.

What we do
Nine Star designs and crafts custom area rugs of all sizes shapes and colours to your personal specifications. All area rugs are crafted with 100% nylon carpet and professionally finished with backing and binding. Personalized service gives your area rug the look you are looking at a reasonable cost

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